Health and Safety

We're excited to welcome you back.  

For those choosing in-person participation, CSUMB requires all students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated— with boosters. In addition, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our safety policies and that you please stay home if you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Masked and Fully Vaxed 

In the OLLI classroom, we ask that you please come masked and fully vaxed this winter. We'll revisit our policy in March. 

What to Expect When You Arrive

Doors will open 10 minutes before the start of class.  Please mark your arrival on the class roster. 


Food and beverages may be enjoyed in the lobby and at tables set up outside. Water only in the classroom, please. (No other food and drinks allowed.)

Additional Safety Measures

  • An upgraded HVAC system brings in 100% outside air seven times per hour and ensures the cleanest air possible
  • MERV-13 air filters have been installed, in adherence with CDC recommendations
  • HEPA filters are in place in areas with lower air flow 

Caring Community (We Can Do This )

Being an OLLI Member means caring for each other and doing our part to protect our community. Through our collective participation in the safety measures—getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing a mask in the OLLI classroom, isolating when sick and continuing to follow personal protective measures—we can all enjoy a safe and comprehensive in-person experience.