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[Past Event] Hearing the Lives of Oceanic Giants | In Person

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Earth's largest animals, the great whales, emit powerful sounds that travel far underwater. Ocean sound recordings thus hold information about the presence and behavior of these magnificent giants. Dr. John Ryan explores how the science and technology of listening, together with other sensing methods, illuminate the hidden lives of whale populations inhabiting Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Recent discoveries reveal how phenomenally responsive whales are to ecosystem conditions and changes.


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Tuesday, Mar. 28 *1:00 - 2:30pm* (1 session)


Course will be presented live at CSUMB Ryan Ranch (8 Upper Ragsdale Road, Monterey) and will NOT be recorded or available for viewing later. Seats are limited.


John Ryan, Ph.D., is a biological oceanographer with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). He earned his doctorate in biological oceanography from the University of Rhode Island in 1998, then came to MBARI for a postdoctoral fellowship and has since remained. His research explores ecosystem processes that shape oceanic life, from blooms of microscopic algae to behavior of gigantic whales.