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[In Progress] Legacy of the Carboniferous (Format Change: Zoom Live!)

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Course Description:

The Carboniferous Period saw the evolution of land plants that culminated in a unique global environment 300-350 million years ago. It was a time dominated by amphibians and huge insects and a critical period in animal evolution that set the stage for not only humans, but most of the terrestrial animals extant today. The geologic products of the Carboniferous Period fueled the Industrial Revolution and today their overuse threatens our health and welfare. Geologist Dr. Ed Clifton provides an insightful overview of this period in this single-session offering.

Change of Format:

We had planned to send a video of Dr. Clifton's talk for viewing at home before joining him via Zoom for live Q & A:
1. Instead, to our delight, Dr. Clifton will deliver his talk live on Zoom fielding questions at the end.
2. Following the talk, you'll receive a video recording to watch or rewatch as you wish.


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Wednesday, Dec. 2 *10:00 - 11:00am* (1 session)


We'll meet online via Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to use. OLLI will walk you through the steps. Prior to each Zoom meeting (class), you will receive an email with specific details on that meeting.


H. Edward Clifton, Ph.D., is a geologist with strong ties to the ocean. After receiving his doctorate, he joined the U.S. Geological Survey where he served for 30 years.