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We apologize, but registration for this course is currently closed. Please check back. Spots may become available from time to time.

Nature Journaling (Zoom Livestream) (Limit 20) (Closed)

Course Description:

*Thank you for your enthusiastic response. Melinda offers a variety of Nature Journaling engagements you can check out. More information can be found on Melinda's website, – look for events and classes.*

At its heart, nature journaling is about learning to truly see, hear and experience nature in a way that deepens our awareness and increases our knowledge of the natural world. Through sketches and notations, we communicate our experience and ask questions that stimulate our curiosity and wonder. We’ll explore the basics of keeping a nature journal, practice techniques to improve our awareness and naturalist skills, and learn how to move beyond mental roadblocks to cultivate our nature journaling practice. Sketching is a skill that improves with practice and guidance. Anyone can learn to sketch – no prior experience necessary.


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Registration Closed


Mondays, June 1, 8, 15
*1:30 - 3:00pm* (3 sessions)


We'll meet online via Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to use. OLLI will walk you through the steps. Prior to each Zoom meeting (class), you will receive an email with specific details on that meeting.


Melinda Nakagawa, M.S., is a local naturalist, scientist and educator whose mission is to inspire and motivate learners to cultivate practices that deepen their relationship with the natural world. Melinda has been keeping a nature journal for over 20 years and leads the Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club.