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[Past Event] Emperor Penguins: Rulers of the Ice | Ryan Ranch

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Emperor penguins are the largest species of marine bird. They fast longer, dive deeper, and endure harsher conditions than any other avian species. As a top predator in the Antarctic ecosystem, they have a significant top-down effect on prey. Additionally, as top predators, their survival and reproduction depends on the functioning of the entire food web. Dr. Gitte McDonald talks about her research expeditions to the Ross Sea to study the ecology and physiology of this fascinating species.


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Thursday, Sept. 28 *10:00 - 11:30 am* (1 session)


Course will be presented live at CSUMB Ryan Ranch (8 Upper Ragsdale Road, Monterey) and will NOT be recorded or available for viewing later. Seats are limited.


Birgitte (Gitte) I. McDonald, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. As a physiological and behavioral ecologist, she investigates adaptations that allow animals to survive in extreme environments. Her research has provided opportunities to work with a broad range of species in a diversity of habitats from the Antarctic to the Galapagos.