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[Past Event] Where the Earth Splits Open

Course Description:

The mid-ocean ridge is, by far, the longest mountain range on Earth, spanning four oceans. Here, seafloor spreading takes place and new ocean crust and tectonic plates are formed. The mid-ocean ridge has the most extensive volcanic activity and the hottest hot springs on the planet. Geophysicist James McClain examines this powerful Earth-shaping ridge and uses observations from sight (submarines) and sound (earthquakes) to help us understand how it works.


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Thursday, Oct. 15 *1:30 - 3:00pm* (1 session)


We'll meet online via Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to use. OLLI will walk you through the steps. Prior to each Zoom meeting (class), you will receive an email with specific details on that meeting.


James McClain, Ph.D., received his doctorate in geophysics from the University of Washington. He is Professor Emeritus at UC Davis where he taught courses in geology, geophysics and oceanography.