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[Past Event] Black Death: Mother of All Pandemics | In Person

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The bubonic plague ravished 14th-century Europe and forever transformed western civilization. Recent ground-breaking scientific discoveries have dramatically revised conventional thinking on the Black Death. This multi-media course offers something for everyone: hard science, medicine, history, economics, politics, religion, psychology, art and culture—and a subway. Not to mention a 600-year-old detective story. Although we consider the COVID-19 event as novel and unprecedented, it is neither. Join us as we explore the shared humanity of these two pandemics.


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New Dates: Tuesday, Mar. 28 and Thursday, Mar. 30 *3:00 - 5:00 p.m.*


Course will be presented live at CSUMB Ryan Ranch (8 Upper Ragsdale Road, Monterey) and will NOT be recorded or available for viewing later. Seats are limited.


Mike Masuda, J.D., M.A., is a practicing attorney and law professor. He taught Constitutional Law at Monterey College of Law for over a decade and was named Professor of the Year. Ellen McEwen, M.D., is a Family Medicine Specialist. She graduated from the School of Medicine at UC Irvine and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for the Monterey Sports Center.