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Class Recordings, Archive Catalogs & More!

You'll find a sampling of OLLI@CSUMB class recordings below. You can also find us on YouTube.

Fred Keeley - Inside California Politics Recordings:

  1. State Senator John Laird, 2/20/21 | here 
  2. U.S. Congressman Jimmy Panetta, 3/19/21 | here 
  3. State Controller Betty Yee, 4/17/21 | here 

Touched by Your Generosity

...and kindness. We asked you to consider giving to the OLLI Annual Fund and/or via Monterey County Gives! so we can deliver the best OLLI program today and plan for tomorrow. You are doing just that — 122 of you have contributed $43,000 toward our $40,000 fiscal-year goal (June 30, 2021). We thank you for being the love. | Annual Report + How is OLLI Funded? 

Catalog Archive (Click on the catalog image to view)

Spring 2021. Cover Image: Robin Saywer, Once Upon a  

Fall 2020, Cover image: Jonah Calinawan, The Unremembered Gate,

Spring 2020, Cover image: Carol Chapman, Canoe Triptych, Carmel Art Association

Fall 2019, Cover image: Jeff Daniel Smith, Evening Shimmer, Galerie Plein Air

Spring 2019, Cover image: Margaret Bruton, Barns on Cass Street,
Monterey Museum of Art  

Fall 2018, Cover image: Timothy A. Sloan, Lunch in Monterey, 
Carmel Art Association

Spring 2018, Cover image: Jeffrey Becom, Monastery with Purple Shadows, Carmel, Jeffrey Becom 

Fall 2017, Cover image: Joe Aki Ouye, At Home,

Spring 2017, Cover image: Maggie Taylor, Poet's house, Weston Gallery

OLLI Writers' Circle Podcasts (Worth a Listen!)

Circle members share their compelling backstories that powered their work via interviews with acclaimed author Elin Kelsey.  Read more here.  Better yet, take a listen here.  

Our Valued Partners

OLLI@CSUMB wishes to thank our valued partners and fellow lifelong learning organizations who enrich our community and provide additional opportunities for engagement.  

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