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Course Recordings

You'll find a sampling of OLLI@CSUMB class recordings below. You can also find us on YouTube.

     OLLI Inside California Politics Recordings with Fred Keeley
  1. State Senator John Laird, 8/28/21 | here 
  2. U.S. Congressman Jimmy Panetta, 10/2/21 | here 
  3. Council Member Jovita Mendoza and Phil Trounstine, 11/6/21 | here
     CSUMB College of Science Talks
  1. Batteries Reinvented with Dr. John Goeltz, 8/30/21 | here
  2. Galapogos Corals with Dr. Cheryl Logan, 9/30/21 | here
     OLLI Distinguished Lecture Series
  1. Surviving the Zamzam with Dr. David R. Henderson  | here

Touched by Your Generosity

...and kindness. We asked you to consider giving to the OLLI Annual Fund so we can deliver the best OLLI program today and plan for tomorrow. You are doing just that — 48 of you have contributed $6,500 toward our $40,000 fiscal-year goal (June 30, 2022). We thank you for being the love. | Annual Report + How is OLLI Funded? 

Catalog Archive (Click on the catalog image to view)

Spring 2021. Cover Image: Robin Saywer, Once Upon a  

Fall 2020, Cover image: Jonah Calinawan, The Unremembered Gate,

Spring 2020, Cover image: Carol Chapman, Canoe Triptych, Carmel Art Association

Fall 2019, Cover image: Jeff Daniel Smith, Evening Shimmer, Galerie Plein Air

Spring 2019, Cover image: Margaret Bruton, Barns on Cass Street,
Monterey Museum of Art  

Fall 2018, Cover image: Timothy A. Sloan, Lunch in Monterey, 
Carmel Art Association

Spring 2018, Cover image: Jeffrey Becom, Monastery with Purple Shadows, Carmel, Jeffrey Becom 

Fall 2017, Cover image: Joe Aki Ouye, At Home,

Spring 2017, Cover image: Maggie Taylor, Poet's house, Weston Gallery

OLLI Writers' Circle Podcasts (Worth a Listen!)

Circle members share their compelling backstories that powered their work via interviews with acclaimed author Elin Kelsey.  Read more here.  Better yet, take a listen here.  

Our Valued Partners

OLLI@CSUMB wishes to thank our valued partners and fellow lifelong learning organizations who enrich our community and provide additional opportunities for engagement.  

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