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Geological Journeys (Access to Recorded Version Included) (p.21)

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May 7 - Origins of Monterey Bay and Its Habitats: A Tale of Fire and Water

Monterey Bay, a large open embayment crossed by a deep submarine canyon, is a unique feature of the American West Coast. This bay shaped California history and continues to provide outstanding food and recreational resources. The product of fire deep within the earth and powerful oceanic waves, Monterey Bay consists of an amazing array of habitats, essentially underwater neighborhoods each with their own physical characteristics. Dr. Ed Clifton, geologist and longtime Monterey Bay Aquarium Guide, will take us on a tour of that bay and the oceanographic and geological forces that created it and shaped its magnificent habitats.

May 14 - Geology of the Big Sur Coast: A Dynamic Landscape

The Big Sur coast is a unique, iconic part of the California landscape. The Pacific Coast Highway offers a view of a very young landscape exposing some very old rocks. Some of the rocks tell a story that began thousands of miles away. Others extend into a distant hazy past that is forever lost. Today, the force of the sea attacks the rising young coast and gravity strives to bring down its rocks, commonly blocking the highway with massive landslides. Join us as we examine the past, present and future of this remarkable coastline.


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Fridays, May 7, 14 *10:00-11:00am* (2 sessions)


We'll meet online via Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to use. OLLI will walk you through the steps. Prior to each Zoom meeting (class), you will receive an email with specific details on that meeting.


H. Edward Clifton, Ph.D., is a geologist with strong ties to the ocean. After receiving his doctorate, he joined the U.S. Geological Survey where he served for 30 years.