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[Past Event] Economics of Open Borders

Course Description:

Whatever your views on immigration, it’s good to know the facts, including the basic economics, behind this divisive issue. Are immigrants disproportionately criminals? Do they take our jobs and cause wages to fall? Would Americans be worse off if the U.S. government allowed more immigrants? What does the U.S. Constitution have to say about immigration? Economist David R. Henderson will address these vital questions and more.


Tuition: $0.00

Additional Fees: $0.00


Tuesday, Mar. 10 *4:00 - 5:30* (1 session)


CSUMB at Ryan Ranch, 8 Upper Ragsdale Drive, Monterey


David R. Henderson, Ph.D., retired as Professor of Economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey and is a research fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He was previously a senior economist with President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers. Dr. Henderson has written articles for the "Wall Street Journal" and "New York Times", among others, and has appeared on CNN, PBS, 'The O'Reilly Factor", MSNBC, NPR and the BBC.