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[Past Event] How do Composers Compose? | CSUMB Music Hall, Bldg 30

Course Description:

Even for the most ardent of music fans, the act of composing music often seems like a black box. Media depictions and biographical legends often further the mystery by portraying composition as a spontaneous, magical burst of inspiration. The truth is quite different, and musicians create in all kinds of different ways with myriad motivations, tools and processes. Join Professor Lanier Sammons and composers working in many genres from the Music and Performing Arts program at CSUMB as they discuss their own approaches to composing and take your questions.


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Friday, Mar. 8 *1:00 - 3:00 p.m.* (1 session)


CSUMB Music Hall, Building 30.


Lanier Sammons, Ph.D., is an engineer, composer and professor. He produces, records, mixes, and masters music and film, and composes concert hall works, film scores and podcast music. He teaches on these topics and others as Associate Professor of Recording & Technology at CSU Monterey Bay.