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[Past Event] Introduction to the Poets of the Spanish Civil War | Ryan Ranch

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In his poem "Romance Sonámbulo" ("Sleepwalker’s Romance"), the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca wrote, “Verde, que te quiero, verde" ("Green, I want you, green"). In Spanish, the verb querer—to want—also means to love. If you say, Te quiero, it's a very physical love you’re expressing. That’s how I’ve felt about the poets of this time and place since I was introduced to their work decades ago. In this four-part offering, the first two sessions will focus on the poets, their work, and their time in Spain, and the last two meetings will provide us with an opportunity to write our own poetry inspired by these remarkable poets. We’ll explore the work and lives of Lorca, Antonio Machado, Gloria Fuertes, Juan Ramón Jimenez, and Miguel Hernández. A film will be included.


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Tuesdays/Fridays, Aug. 25, 29; Sept. 1, 5 *10:00am - 12:30 pm* (4 sessions)


Course will be presented live at CSUMB Ryan Ranch (8 Upper Ragsdale Road, Monterey) and will NOT be recorded or available for viewing later. Seats are limited.


Patrice Vecchione is a poet, nonfiction writer, artist, and educator. Her most recent book is "My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice: A Guide to Writing Poetry & Speaking Your Truth."