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Class Recordings, Archive Catalogs & More!

OLLI@CSUMB YouTube Channel | here 

Fred Keeley and Congressman Jimmy Panetta - Inside California Politics 

     In Conversation with Fred Keeley, 3/19/21 (56:14) | here

Fred Keeley and Senator John Laird - Inside California Politics 

     In Conversation with Fred Keeley, 2/20/21 | coming soon 

Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline Haskell - Essential Skills for Embracing Racial Diversity and Equity 

     Presentation to OLLI@CSUMB, 10/29/20 (59:30) | here

Dr. David R. Henderson - To Fear or Not to Fear

    Presentation to OLLI@CSUMB, 11/16/20 (1hr:12min) | here

Dr. Jim McClain - Where the Earth Splits Open 

Presentation to OLLI@CSUMB, 10/15/20 (1hr:29min) | here

Kathy Nielsen - A New Life for Old Photos

Presentation to OLLI@CSUMB, 10/27/20 (1hr:23min) | here

Mimi Sheridan's Julia Morgan - Asilomar and Beyond 

Presentation to OLLI@CSUMB, 9/10/20 (37:23) | here

Community Recordings 

       Peter Hiller's The Creative Life of Jo Mora (48:56) | here

       Celebrate Monterey's 250th Birthday, A Virtual Tour in Nine Postcards
       Carmel Foundation, David Laws 
(27:22) | here

Recorded Series

Dr. Ed Clifton's Deep Sea Secrets  

A Tale of Two Canyons (1:10:21) | here

Oceanic Circulation (59:58) | here

Dr. Roger Luckenbach's Beyond Stonehenge: Megaliths  

Ancient Megaliths, Part 1 (33:24) | here

Where Are Megaliths Found? Part 2 (34:55) | here

Who Were the Megalith Builders? Part 3 (36.57) | here

Why Were Megaliths Built? Part 4 (23:46) | here

Newgrange and Stonehenge Part 5 (47:17) | here 


Ukulele II — Chris Hasegawa and Joe Mancuso offer fun tutorials:

  • Calypso Strumming (video 2:54 min) | here 
  • Chords in the Key of G (video 4:39 min) | here
  • Intro to Tabs (video 12:26 min) | here

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March 2021 OLLI Network Newsletter
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Catalog Archive (Click on the catalog image to view)

Fall 2020, Cover image: Jonah Calinawan, The Unremembered Gate,

Spring 2020, Cover image: Carol Chapman, Canoe Triptych, Carmel Art Association

Fall 2019, Cover image: Jeff Daniel Smith, Evening Shimmer, Galerie Plein Air

Spring 2019, Cover image: Margaret Bruton, Barns on Cass Street,
Monterey Museum of Art  

Fall 2018, Cover image: Timothy A. Sloan, Lunch in Monterey, 
Carmel Art Association

Spring 2018, Cover image: Jeffrey Becom, Monastery with Purple Shadows, Carmel, Jeffrey Becom 

Fall 2017, Cover image: Joe Aki Ouye, At Home,

Spring 2017, Cover image: Maggie Taylor, Poet's house, Weston Gallery

Fall 2016, Cover image: Gary Geiger, Door Knocker and Vine, Gallery Sur 

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