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News and Resources

Thinking of You, April 2

We've received so many touching notes — requests for online courses, too. 

Many of you have asked if the April and May courses could be transitioned to Zoom. While we feel a sense of urgency to produce online content, we strive to remain thoughtful in the way we move forward.

We promise you this: We'll continue to work with our April and May instructors on online possibilities. Seeds are beginning to sprout — Patrice Vecchione will offer her "Introduction to Poetry" course via Zoom.  

Likely we'll see a crop of new instructors and courses that translate beautifully to the Zoom online world. Dr. Chris Hasegawa is dreaming up a few gems, a "baseball-themed" course being one of them. 

Updates will be provided as things unfold. 

Our best ideas have always come from you — in the classroom and in conversation over cookies and coffee. If you have ideas to share that light you up — please feel free to text or call: Michele (831) 521-5214 

You can follow our progress below (updated daily).

Courses Transitioned to Zoom (or alternative)

Noticing Nature, Slow Birding — Apr. 3; 10:00 - 11:00am

Flash: A Short Short Sory — Apr. 8, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Write the Morning Away — Apr. 11; 9:30 - 10:30am; Apr. 25; 9:30am - 12:30pm

Plein Air Writing — Apr. 14; May 12, 9:30am - noon

Intro to Poetry — May 4, 11, 18; 1:00 - 3:00pm

Courses Rescheduled

CA Politics with Fred Keeley — May 30, 10am 

New Offerings 

OLLI at Home: Malcolm Weintraub Films of Wes Anderson — Apr. 9, 2pm | RSVP

Coming Soon

Maintaining Brain Health During a Pandemic — Dr. Chris Hasegawa (an online course) 

OLLI Playlists and Tutorials You Might Enjoy

OLLI Glee Club — "Shelter at Home" playlists by online DJ Chris Hasegawa

  • Doo-Wop (YouTube) | here
  • 50s Hits (YouTube) | here
  • Fantastic Females (YouTube | here

Ukulele II — Chris Hasegawa and Joe Mancuso offer fun tutorials:

  • Calypso Strumming (video 2:54 min) | here 
  • Chords in the Key of G (video 4:39 min) | here
  • Intro to Tabs (video 12:26 min) | here

OLLI Courses and Instructors — Recorded Presentations 

Debunking Climate Change with Mike Clancy (video 1:56 min) | here

Jo Mora Presentation by Peter Hiller (video 48:56 min) | here

Virtual Scuba Dives with Dr. James Lindholm (series of videos) | here

Additional News and Resources — Below 

Touched by Your Generosity

...and kindness. We asked you to consider giving to Monterey County Gives! and the OLLI Annual Fund so we can deliver the best OLLI program today and plan for tomorrow. You did just that — we've raised $37,000 just $3,000 short of our goal for June 30. We thank you for being the love. 

Osher National Resource Center 

124 OLLI's, 170,000 members, and 388 cities & towns — visit the Osher National Resource Center for more fun facts about your OLLI network.  

February 2020 OLLI Network Newsletter
The newsletter highlights exciting topics throughout the OLLI network and includes travel opportunities for Osher Institute members. 

Catalog Archive (Click on the catalog image to view)

Fall 2019, Cover image Jeff Daniel Smith, Evening Shimmer, Galerie Plein Air

Spring 2019, Cover image Barns on Cass Street, Margaret Bruton, Monterey Museum of Art  

Fall 2018, Cover image Lunch in Monterey, Timothy A. Sloan,
Carmel Art Association

Spring 2018, Cover image Monastery with Purple Shadows, Carmel, Jeffrey Becom, Jeffrey Becom 

Fall 2017, Cover image At Home, Joe "Aki" Ouye, website 

Spring 2017, Cover image Poet's houseMaggie Taylor, Weston Gallery

Fall 2016, Cover image Door Knocker and Vine, Gary Geiger, Gallery Sur 

OLLI Writers' Circle Podcasts (Worth a Listen!)

Circle members share their compelling backstories that powered their work via interviews with acclaimed author Elin Kelsey.  Read more here.  Better yet, take a listen here.  

Music recording session

Our Valued Partners

OLLI@CSUMB wishes to thank our valued partners and fellow lifelong learning organizations who enrich our community and provide additional opportunities for engagement.  

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