OLLI Wise Leaders

As volunteers dedicated to serving OLLI@CSUMB, the OLLI Wise Leaders (OWLs) provide technical, operational and program support as requested by the Program Director.  OWLs help OLLI@CSUMB realize its vision by contributing their time, talent, and passion in ways that are meaningful and rewarding to them, to OLLI@CSUMB, and to the greater Monterey County community. 

The OWLs serve in a variety of ways:

  • In an advisory capacity at both the strategic and tactical levels;
  • To aid in the development and delivery of programs that address the interest of the membership;
  • As the "face" of OLLI@CSUMB within their own social and professional organizations and in the community at-large; and,
  • To help monitor and evaluate courses, while reaching out to involve and support new members. 

Please note that the OWLs are not a Board. OWLs have the opportunity to:

  • Impact the direction of OLLI@CSUMB
  • Take a personal role in our commitment to create a culture of giving at OLLI@CSUMB

If becoming an OLLI Wise Leader sounds interesting to you, give us a call. We would be delighted to talk with you about this wonderful opportunity to serve.  

OLLI wishes to thank our OLLI Wise Leaders: 

David Epel, Nan Farrell, Chris Hasegawa, Renee Farrington, Karen Kadushin, Raimie Kriste, Marsha Moroh, George Riley, Patrice Vecchione, Malcolm Weintraub, Joan Weiner, Doug Wilhelm, Chris Wood, and honorary OWLs Brenda Aronowitz, Betty Crowder, Renee Franken, Pat Hanson, Carol Johnson, Barbara Moore, Jeff Munks, Marian Penn, Karen Steadman, and Donna Van Noy

With additional thanks to dean John Binkley and senior financial analyst Andrew Patronik of the College of Extended Education and International Programs for their tireless support.