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OLLI Wise Leaders (OWLs)

In 2017, the OLLI Wise Leaders (OWLs) were established to help OLLI@CSUMB realize its vision by contributing their time, talent, and passion in ways that are meaningful and rewarding to the OLLI community. 

The OWLs serve in a variety of ways:

  • In an advisory capacity at both the strategic and tactical levels;
  • To aid in the development and delivery of programs that address the interest of the membership;
  • As the "face" of OLLI@CSUMB within their own social and professional organizations and in the community at-large; and,
  • To help monitor and evaluate courses, while reaching out to involve and support new members. 

Please note that the OWLs are not a Board. OWLs have the opportunity to:

  • Impact the direction of OLLI@CSUMB
  • Take a personal role in our commitment to create a culture of giving at OLLI@CSUMB

If becoming an OLLI Wise Leader sounds interesting to you, give us a call. We would be delighted to talk with you about this wonderful opportunity to serve.  

OLLI wishes to thank our Founding OWLs:
Brenda Aronowitz, David Epel, Nan Farrell, Renee Farrington, Chris Hasegawa, Raimie Kriste, Marsha Moroh, Jeff Munks, George Riley, Donna Van Noy, Joan Weiner, Malcolm Weintraub, Doug Wilhelm and Chris Wood.