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Curriculum Guides

Members participate meaningfully in the course selection process by sharing feedback, recommending top-notch instructors and suggesting unique course ideas.  Curriculum Guides are members who help OLLI@CSUMB turn these ideas into action. 

As a Curriculum Guide you will roll-up your sleeves to...

  • Review the course proposals
  • Assist in the course selection process
  • Identify gaps in the curriculum and make recommendations accordingly
  • Assist with the recruitment and orientation of new instructors
  • Research community opportunities and leading-edge topics
  • Assist in the creation of a course and/or develop one of your own!

Of special need are volunteers willing to take the "lead" in one of the following member-interest categories: 

1.  World History

2.  Local Heritage

3.  The Arts (fine art, writing, literature, music)

4.  Philosophy and Well-being

5.  Science

6.  Current Events

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