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OLLI Code of Conduct

We at OLLI@CSUMB give our all to create an environment that maximizes the learning experience for all members. Many of our programs offer a forum for a lively and sometimes passionate exchange of views.  To that end, members of our learning community are expected to follow principles of courtesy and mutual respect that promote reasoned discourse and intellectual honesty.

Violations may include but are not limited to denigrating others' views or opinions, threatening behaviors, offensive or abusive language, disruptive classroom conduct, sexual harrassment or discrimination, and monopolizing discussions. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Members who do not adhere to these principles or interfere with the goals of our learning community may be removed from class and/or activities and denied the privilege of future participation.  

This Code of Conduct is consistent with that for students at CSU Monterey Bay in promoting behavior that enables enlightened discourse among individuals.