Volunteer at OLLI

There are many ways to make your OLLI shine♥︎

Collectively, we at OLLI@CSUMB give our all to deliver courses and experiences that offer equal parts personal benefit and delight.  Volunteers and donors keep OLLI@CSUMB humming along in so many ways — both in the classroom and behind the scenes.   

When you volunteer at OLLI, you demonstrate a spirit of program ownership, put your personal touch on a program designed to fit your needs, and help keep membership costs affordable.  Your participation as a volunteer deepens connections with other members and provides an opportunity for you to pursue interests and develop new skills. 

We have numerous opportunities available (a small sampling follows below).  Or, you can create your own unique volunteer position. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.  

Advisory Roles

Outreach/Special Projects
  • Classroom Host (introduce speaker)

  • Community Outreach  

  • Note Writer (well wishes, thank yous)

  • Outreach (share catalogs)

  • Outreach (social media)

  • Newsletter Creator (4 x year)

  • Photographer

  • "Pop of Fun" Coordinator 

  • Volunteer Coordinator


Michele Crompton, OLLI Program Director