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Charles Ponzi | Gentrain MPC

Course Description:

He was a short man, barely five feet tall, but his sparkling smile, twinkling eyes and natty dress made him a giant in the eyes of his followers. His promises seemed too good to be true: a 50 percent return on their investments in 45 days, a 100 percent return in 90 days. But some investors actually received it! For eight months in 1920, the people of Boston considered him a genius, a financial wizard who understood the workings of investment and international finance better than anyone. For the 90-plus years since, he has been considered a crook, the godfather of some of the worst financial schemes in history that have destroyed countless lives. In this talk, revered educator and lecturer Larry Tartaglino presents a new, revealing look into the life and background of the namesake of the infamous Ponzi scheme. He promises that, at its conclusion, you'll never look at Charles Ponzi in quite the same way.


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Wednesday, Apr. 5 *1:30 – 2:30 p.m.* (1 session)


Offered in collaboration with our friends at The Gentrain Society, all lectures will be held in Lecture Forum 103 at Monterey Peninsula College from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Free - All Welcome. Parking is $3.


After a successful business career, Larry Tartaglino turned to education and spent many years as an award-winning college lecturer. He currently gives highly sought-after talks for the cruise line industry.