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We apologize, but registration for this course is currently closed. Please check back. Spots may become available from time to time.

Plein Air Writing Practice | Offsite *NEW DATE: JUN 14* (Closed)

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Course Description:

As with plein air painting, the practice of writing outdoors allows us to create a connection with the natural landscape and weave setting and senses into our work. Join us each month as we explore the wonders of the Monterey Peninsula and use timed writings to coax spontaneous thoughts onto paper. During each session, we walk in silence, write, then read aloud to each other without comment. Our writing process often takes us to an intersection of spontaneity and authenticity, where the personal and universal sit side by side.



Tuition: $45.00

Additional Fees: $0.00

Registration Closed


Please note revised dates: Wednesdays, Mar. 8; Apr. 12; May 10; Jun 14 *10:00am - noon* (4 sessions)


Course will be presented live at various locations and will NOT be recorded or available for viewing later. Locations will be emailed to participants prior to each class session. Seats are limited.


Roxane Buck-Ezcurra is the Senior Editorial Content Manager at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She writes about science, natural history and ocean conservation for visitors. Kathy Whilden is a Soto Zen Priest and Zen meditation teacher at Monterey Bay Center in Carmel. Kathy has worked with Natalie Goldberg in timed writing workshops and blogs about life in Monterey.